“Ashiana has given me a lot of confidence in my daily life” – Member

” I have made many friends through Ashiana..” – Carer

“Ashiana has provided me with a lot of support and information on all sorts of activities.” – Carer

“.2 years ago I had no friends, and was very nervous to begin with. Today my fear has gone and I am able to take part in so many different activities..” – Member

“By attending Ashiana events, I get a good two hour break from my son who is well looked after by Ashiana volunteers.” – Carer

“The amount of love received from the members and carers is very rewarding and precious for me..” – Volunteer

“Ashiana has allowed me to expose my hidden talents” – Member

“Ashiana has given me a platform to perform in front of an audience of 250 people”-Member

“By coming here to Ashiana for the past four years I now feel a part of the community.” – Member